The Curtis Bikes Team

Over the years Curtis has supported, nurtured and brought into the limelight some of the UK’s most talented riders. Gary has always been on the scene, so it follows that he’s able to spot a decent rider from a mile off. Here’s some of the riders that have ridden for Curtis over the years.

Some previous riders

  • Steve Geall – BMX: Race 20″ & Freestyle.
  • Antony Revell – BMX: Race 20″ and cruiser
  • Chris Smith – MTB: Dirt, Street & Freeride.
  • Jim Davage – MTB: Dirt, Downhill, Street, Freeride, Skids & Wheelies… (now back on the team)
  • Chris (Factory) Jackson – BMX 20″ and  MTB 4X.
  • Pete Power – BMX: Race 20″and Cruiser.
  • Gary Penman – BMX: Dirt & Street.
  • Matt Hodkinson – BMX: Race 20″ and Dirt
  • Grant Yerbury – BMX: Race 20″ and Dirt.
  • Dan Yeomans – MTB: 4x and Downhill.
  • Charlie Phillips – MTB: 4X.
  • Neil Hopes – BMX: Race 20″and Cruiser.
  • Albie Hopes – BMX: Race 20″ and Cruiser.
  • Damien Mead – BMX: Race Cruiser.
  • Finley Mead – BMX: Race 20″ and Cruiser.
  • Ash Brown –MTB: 4x and Downhill.

Our current team riders

Joe Anchor

Joe has been riding for Curtis Bikes for many, many years now. His job is stage rigging, and he goes all around the world on tour with the biggest names in the industry (such as the Nitro Circus)… and his Curtis goes everywhere with him too.

Joe doesn’t compete but he flies the Curtis flag with such passion that competition results are not important to us. His riding style is loose, relaxed and totally unique to him — no one rides like Joe. He specialises in Dirt Jumping and All Mountain riding.

Joe Walbridge


After spotting Joe’s riding talent at the beginning of the 2014 4X  season, then watching him go on to take the junior British title in his first year racing we decided to get him on the team and set about building him a custom RaceLight frame for the 2015 season. He went on to dominate in 2015 season and take the junior National title for the 2nd year running.

In 2016, at the young age of 17 Joe will be up against the pros, competing in national elite.

Gabby Linford

Gabby Linford from Australia is a global traveller and dirt bike rider. Not only is Gabby a smooth, cool, rad bike rider but is also a passionate photographer and film maker and is the name behind Rockafella films. When she’s not riding bikes or making films, Gabby can be found chilling out in Bristol, or hanging with family in Australia.

Graham Stanley

Introducing Graham Stanley. He came from the North (West Yorkshire to be exact)… His weapon of choice is our RaceLite 24 cruiser, which last year he rode in the 30/39 cruiser class which saw him take the National number 3 plate and 4th at the British Champs. This year he’s moved up to race the 40 /44 class. Graham also races for PH racing.

Usui Fumio

curtis rider USUI FUMIO 1
Usui was once a famous Mogul skier in Japan. But then he discovered mountain biking and he hasn’t looked back since…
He races BMX on his Racelite and XC on his XC100.

Usui also dedicates a lot of his time to the preservation of local trails.