Curtis RaceLite

A true piece of Curtis history, refined...

The Curtis RaceLite is our brand new version of the classic RaceLite frame and it is very special indeed.

The RaceLite is now made from Reynolds 853 air-hardened and double-butted tubing for the front end, and Columbus for the rear stays. Many months of design and prototype testing with team rider Ash Brown have gone into producing this baby of ours.

It has a super-short 14.9″ chainstay length which allows you to manual with ease, and gives the bike an unbelievable snap out of the gate. We have also slackened the head-angle to 67° which makes it feel amazingly stable, whilst also making it super grippy in the corners allowing the rider to corner like the bike is on rails.

To say we are pleased with the way this frame handles would be an understatement indeed!

Prices (frame only)

Prices shown are for our own tried and tested geometry, or your own custom geometry at no extra cost.

From: £1050.00

Dropout options

Paragon: Standard Mount
12mm x 142mm or 148mm
Standard mech hanger
Fitted as standard

Paragon: Direct Mount
12mm x 142mm or 148mm
Direct mount mech hanger
Fitted as standard


Here is a list of the Ral colours we offer, custom colours are also available.

  • Grey:  7015
  • Brown: 8001
  • Blue(s): 5024, 5002, 5015
  • Green(s): 6018, 6009,6019
  • Red(s):  3003, 3001, 3013
  • Purple: 4004
  • Yellow: 1007

View them on the Ral colour chart.

Our polished and clear coat finish is £150 extra, this hand polished finished takes a day to achieve and is finished with a clear powered coat which is tough as nails.

Size & Geometry Chart

NB: All RaceLite frames are 12″ high as standard, Sizes are based on top tube lengths only. Custom top tube lengths and head tube angles are no extra charge on the frame.

RACELITE Small Medium Large
Frame size 12″ 12″ 12″
Actual Top Tube 21.75″ 22.25″ 23″
Head Tube Length 100mm 100mm 100mm
Head Tube Angle 67 67 67
Seat Tube Angle 73 73 73
Chainstay Length 14.9″ 14.9″ 14.9″
Bottom Bracket Height 12.2″ 12.2″ 12.2″

The RaceLite is designed for a 100mm / 120mm fork.
Frame weight for a Medium = 4.02lbs/1.87kg.
All geometry is static with no sag.