History of Curtis Bikes

The History and Heritage of Curtis Bikes…

We’ve been doing this for a while… Back in 1972 Brian Curtis started Curtis Bikes at the age of 31, after having mastered the art of brazing since the age of 17. He’s been the head brazer for Curtis Bikes ever since.

Brian Curtis

Brian Curtis was a very famous motocross rider back in the sixties. He started off his frame building with Rickmans – quite a big motocross brand in the day – and worked for various other companies until he started making his own Curtis Honda motocross bikes. They used Honda running gear but his own frame and swinging arm. He got quite well known for that. He even ended-up being commissioned by Yamaha to make 200 500CC Yamahas – that was a big deal for one man who worked in a small workshop and made everything by hand!

Gary Woodhouse

Photo: Andrew Dodd

Gary Woodhouse came on board in about ’79, and persuaded Brian to have a go at making some BMX frames. This was right in the beginning, when BMX just arrived in the country. That changed everything. Brian ended up stopping making motorbikes and concentrating totally on pushbikes. That’s how it all started really. Gary took over the company in ’96, but Brian remained the head brazer, and to this day every Curtis frame in existence has been brazed by Brian.


Over the years we have supported, nurtured and brought into the limelight some of the UK’s most talented riders. To name but a few:

Steve Geall, Antony Revell, Charlie Philips, Chris Jackson, Steve Grace, Chris Smith, Jim Davage…

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