Curtis Bikes – Dirt bike specialists

Since the beginning in 1972, Curtis Bikes have specialised in hand making nothing but off-road moto X BMX and mountain bikes.

The custom touch

Tell us your story and we will build it. Each frame’s tube set is carefully chosen to match the rider’s size and riding style. On each of our frame models we have our standard geometry which is what we recommend but there is a custom option for no extra charge where you can change the following if you want to:

  1. Head tube length and angle
  2. Seat tube length and angle
  3. Reach
  4. Fork travel

Custom one-offs

We offer a total custom one-off service using your own geometry. Prices start @ £1,500, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


When we say handmade we mean it. Our workshop is equipped with only files, hacksaws, vices, a hand operated tube bender, a belt notcher and brazing kit.

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